440 Telephones

The WIN 440IP Platinum Telephone series has been developed to bring ease of use to your fingertips. Each telephone model delivers to the desktop great user features and advancements in IP telephony.

You manage your telephone. The fixed and programmable keys, full built-in duplex speakerphone, oversized LCD and more are ideal for the most active telephone users. Our information display and abundant programmable feature keys help you achieve maximum productivity.

Whether 32 or 20-key, display, all telephones have convenient red, green and amber LEDs providing multipurpose key feature and line status indication for enhanced upright angled telephone base fits on any desk or computer space so you can easily see the status of the display and keys. The telephone may also be wall-mounted.

Eight attendant positions with three DSS/BLF consoles can be assigned at each answering point in your company. The console operates with a digital telephone. Each console provides 60 station and/or outside line assignments and 6 function keys. The use of LEDs improves call indication, station status and feature use. The DSS/BLF has red, green and amber lights to futher define the status, such as station busy, absence, and DND status.

Every digital telephone can migrate to IP telophony. A VoIP adapter, station IP add-on module fits all 440IP digital telephone models to create the VoIP virtual officer worker. An optional SLT Adapter can be used with each telephone to connect an additional single line telephone instrument such as cordless, fax, point of sale terminal or a similar device.

Manage and handle your calls for business with the WIN 440IP Platinum Telephone series. Provie your company with the ideal work and communication desktop solution for your office today.